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Top 5 Ways To Stay Focused When Studying

6 years ago · 1 MIN READ
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We all know the feeling of drifting away when you're studying. Realizing you've read a whole page without taking anything in. Here are 5 top tips to keep focused.

5. Remove Distractions

With distractions like social media it's easy to lose hours of study time. Luckily there are lots of tools our there to help you keep check on how you're spending your time by cutting out time wasting websites and apps. Why not try tools like Freedom or Strict Workflow (for Chrome). Both tools block certain sites and apps so you can focus when you're studying.


4. Have A Tidy Workspace

Linked to the previous tip is having a tidy working environment. Not only will keeping your space tidy help cut out distractions it will also help you stay organized when studying. Organized and undistracted means focused.


3. Keep Well Hydrated

When you're studying your brain is working hard. If you were doing physical exercise you'd need to stay at the right hydration level to perform your best. So it's no surprise that preventing dehydration also helps your mental performance. In fact a study of 447 people found that staying hydrated can improve your exam results by up to 5%. So if you want to stay focused look after your body and stay hydrated!


2. Set Goals

It's a popular saying that 'prior preparation prevents poor performance'! You'll do your best if you've spend enough time learning what you need to pass your exams. Also there's nothing like a goal or target to focus your mind and keep you working hard when exams are still weeks or months away.

We've created a free study planner over at to let you create your own study goals to focus your mind.


1. Make Learning Fun

Our top tip to stay focused is to make learning fun and engaging. When you're engaged with what you're learning it's so much easier to take it in. That's why we've also created free quiz and flashcard makers to help you learn those facts for your exams. Again check out for more info.


Good luck with your exams!


The Topgrade Team

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