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Reset Your Topgrade Password

4 years ago · 1 MIN READ

Step 1) First you must logout of any Topgrade accounts you are currently logged into in your web browser:


Step 2) Next click the 'Login' button on the welcome screen:


Step 3) Click the 'Reset your password' link:


Step 4) Enter the email address of the Topgrade account you would like to reset the password for. Then click 'Send Password Reset Link':


Step 5) You should then see a message saying 'We have e-mailed your password reset link!'


Step 6) Now open the email we've just sent you and click the reset link. You must be logged out of your Topgrade Account in the web browser that opens for this link to work as expected. (If you didn't receive an email please check your spam folder. Alternatively try adding '[email protected]' to your email whitelist.)


Step 7) After clicking on the reset link you will be shown the screen below. Enter the email address of the Topgrade account you'd like to reset the password for. Then enter your new password twice, once in the 'Password' field and once in the 'Confirm Password' field. Finally click 'Reset Password'.


Step 8) After clicking 'Reset Password' your password will be updated and you will be logged into your account.



The Topgrade Team

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