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10 Top Study Apps

5 years ago · 2 MIN READ
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Getting good grades at school or university has never been more competitive. Here are some of the best study apps to give you an edge! If you think we've missed a good one mention it in the comments below!

1. Photomath


Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Android App

2. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free


SoloLearn has the largest collection of free code learning content, from beginner to pro! Choose from thousands of programming topics to learn coding concepts, brush up your programming knowledge, or stay aligned with the latest coding trends.

Android App

3. Yousician - Learn Guitar, Piano, Bass & Ukulele


Yousician is your personal music tutor for the digital age. Learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. The app listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing.

Android App

4. GCSE Maths


For UK students Revision Buddies GCSE Maths is a comprehensive self assessment revision tool, written by passionate teachers, developed by a team dedicated to transforming GCSE revision.

Android App

5. Topgrade Study Planner


Topgrade Study Planner is a cross-platform planner for students and teachers. The study planner enables you to keep all your class, assignment and exam commitments in one place. Items put in the planner are saved offline and synced to the cloud so you can access them anytime and on any device.

Android App

6. Countdown Easy - Widget & App


Countdown Easy allows you to easily countdown to any event! Add a countdown in a couple of taps. You can see all your countdowns in one easy to manage screen in the app. You can also receive a push notification when any countdown ends so you'll never miss an event again!

Android App

7. Mimo: Learn to Code


Join more than 2 million learners: learn to code, make apps/games/websites, automate your life, advance your career, and much more – no matter how much experience and time you have! Mimo creates a personalized curriculum of fun and effective exercises, projects, and challenges that fits into your daily routine and keeps you motivated.

Android App

8. BBC Bitesize - Revision


The BBC Bitesize revision app is for UK students who are 14-16 years old and studying for the GCSEs, TGAU, Nationals or Highers exams. It’s not intended to be used by under-13s (if this is you, check out instead).

Android App

9. Include Me


Include Me is an innovative software product that makes digital content like documents and websites more accessible to everyone. Its cloud based technology overcomes most of the every-day accessibility barriers students experience.

Visit Website

10. Topgrade Quiz Maker


Topgrade Quiz Maker lets you quickly make fun quizzes to test yourself and your friends. You learn quicker and easier when learning is fun! See for yourself why over 230,000 learners have improved their exam results and had fun with our mobile and online learning platform.

Android App

Remember if you think we've missed a good study app mention it in the comments below!


The Topgrade Team

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